Tell Congress to Oppose Cuts to Title X and Medicaid

Title X and Medicaid could be at risk in deficit reduction negotiations. Stand up for Medicaid and Title X today! Click the button below to urge your senators and representatives to oppose further cuts to the safety net - including Title X and Medica

Congress continues to work towards a final package to avert the “fiscal cliff.” If budget negotiations remain unresolved, funding for Title X funding and Medicaid could be adversely impacted. Sequestration could result in an additional 8.2% cut to the Title X program. Additionally, a deal to avert the fiscal cliff could include cuts and other changes to Medicaid that could lead states to either reduce benefits, lower eligibility levels, or both.

It is now up to Congress to decide on a final deficit reduction plan, so let your elected officials know that you oppose further cuts to the safety net, including Title X and Medicaid!

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